Manufacture of applied and mechanical arts

Since its foundation in 1989, Mécanique Vivante has affirmed its expertise in construction of machines and structures dedicated to the performing arts. At the beginning, the company’s facilities and equipment limited production to light scenography and machinery.

But two factors made a huge difference to the company’s capacity to create both for itself and for others:

• the purchase in 2002 of the factory and equipment at Champclauson.

• the remarkable musical Siren project, which necessitated robotics and specifically mechanical and electronic engineering and IT development.

Today, thanks to its 35 years of experience, Mécanique Vivante creates from scratch projects that are as demanding as they are atypical and is autonomous in the conception and construction of prototypes and one-offs.

In 2004, thanks to a partnership with the Cratère National Theatre in Alès, the company’s production site opened up to other compagnies. This fascinating adventure has given rise to some truly unique projects:

Company Out of the Blue’s Giant Aquarium – Metalovoice’s Arch – Opposito’s Mechanical Elephants – Lonely Circus’ Giafon – Le Lampa-daire vivant et l’Avion mitrailleur for the Illustrious Buratini Family – the Giant Roulette for company Off – the Cyrconflex Wheel for Cassis Audifrin – the Bus de la Folle histoire for company Karwan – the Transats for Cyrk Vost / the Semi-trailer kitchen for Sauces Cévennes – the Exhibition Semi-trailer for company Karwan and many more.