Our partners

Mécanique Vivante has been partnered by the French Ministry of Culture since 2002 for its research and development of a new musical instrument. It is also supported by the Occitanie Regional Council and the Department of the Gard.

Thanks to their innovative nature, the latest generation of musical Sirens were developed with the help of European funding and the regional structure Transfert LR.

Thanks to its hybrid activity between technology and performing arts, the company has established partnerships with industry, higher education establishments and cultural organisations:

  • ENSEEG de Grenoble, INSA Engineering School in Lyon, the POLYTECH Montpellier, the Engineering School IMT Alès.
  • and also Le Cratère – National Theatre, Alès – la Passerelle, National Theatre, Gap – la Coopérative de mai – Scène de Musiques Actuelles de Clermont Ferrand – Paloma – Scène de Musiques Actuelles de Nîmes Métropole.